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Yoshihisa Saito: On elliptic root systems and their applications

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mercredi 13 mars 2024 mercredi 13 mars 2024
+ Google Map Salle 318 (IMB)

In the middle of 1980’s, motivated by study of singularity theories, K. Saito introduced the notion of « elliptic root systems ». Roughly speaking, they are root systems with two null directions. Furthermore, he had classified elliptic root systems $R$ with a one-dimensional subspace of $G$ of two dimensional null directions, under the assumption that the quotient affine root system $R/G$ is reduced. In our joint work with A. Fialowski and K. Iohara, we take off the assumption above, and give the classication of the pair $(R, G)$ with no assumption. In addition, we give an overview of the theory of elliptic root systems in this talk, and certain applications of this theory are also discussed.


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