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  • [hal-01806603] Torsion of a finite base locus

    4 juin, par (Rémi Bignalet-Cazalet), Rémi Bignalet-Cazalet
    We interpret geometrically the torsion of the symmetric algebra of the ideal sheaf of a zero-dimensional scheme Z defined by n + 1 equations in an n-dimensional variety. This leads us to generalise a formula of A.Dimca and S.Papadima in positive characteristic for a rational transformation with (...)
  • [hal-01806297] First and second order rational solutions to the Johnson equation and rogue waves

    4 juin, par (P Gaillard), P Gaillard
    Rational solutions to the Johnson equation are constructed as a quotient of two polynomials in x, y and t depending on several real parameters. We obtain an infinite hierarchy of rational solutions written in terms of polynomials of degrees 2N (N + 1) in x, and t, 4N (N + 1) in y, depending on (...)
  • [hal-01802038] Algebraic models of the line in the real affine plane

    29 mai, par (Adrien Dubouloz), Adrien Dubouloz
    We study smooth rational closed embeddings of the real affine line into the real affine plane, that is algebraic rational maps from the real affine line to the real affine plane which induce smooth closed embeddings of the real euclidean line into the real euclidean plane. We consider these up (...)
  • [hal-01720871] Optimality of 1-norm regularization among weighted 1-norms for sparse recovery : a case study on how to find optimal regularizations

    23 mai, par (Yann Traonmilin), Yann Traonmilin
    The 1-norm was proven to be a good convex regularizer for the recovery of sparse vectors from under-determined linear measurements. It has been shown that with an appropriate measurement operator, a number of measurements of the order of the sparsity of the signal (up to log factors) is (...)
  • [hal-01790674] Cylinders in Mori Fiber Spaces : forms of the quintic del Pezzo threefold

    15 mai, par (Adrien Dubouloz), Adrien Dubouloz
    Motivated by the general question of existence of open A1-cylinders in higher dimensional pro-jective varieties, we consider the case of Mori Fiber Spaces of relative dimension three, whose general closed fibers are isomorphic to the quintic del Pezzo threefold V5 , the smooth Fano threefold of (...)

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