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  • [hal-01864114] Virtual braids and permutations

    30 août 2018, par (Paolo Bellingeri), Paolo Bellingeri
    Let VB_n be the virtual braid group on n strands and let S_n be the symmetric group on n letters. Let n, m ∈ N such that n ≥ 5, m ≥ 2 and n ≥ m. We determine all possible homomorphisms from VB_n to S_m , from S_n to VB_m and from VB_n to VB_m. As corollaries we get that Out(VB_n) is isomorphic to (...)
  • [hal-01854551] Pontryagin-Type Conditions for Optimal Muscular Force Response to Functional Electric Stimulations

    6 août 2018, par (Toufik Bakir), Toufik Bakir
    In biomechanics, recent mathematical force-fatigue models allow to predict the muscular response to functional electric stimulations and this opens the road to compute optimized electrical pulses trains. Such pulses are modeled as Dirac pulses and this leads to a sampled-data control problem. (...)
  • [hal-01851770] Analytic Bergman operators in the semiclassical limit

    1er août 2018, par (Ophélie Rouby), Ophélie Rouby
    Using a new quantization scheme, we construct approximate semi-classical Bergman projections on weighted L² spaces with analytic weights, and show that their kernel functions admit an asymptotic expansion in the class of analytic symbols. As a corollary, we obtain new estimates for asymptotic (...)
  • [hal-01851166] The open XXZ spin chain in the SoV framework : scalar product of separate states

    29 juillet 2018, par (N. Kitanine), N. Kitanine
    In our previous paper [1] we have obtained, for the XXX spin-1/2 Heisenberg open chain, new determinant representations for the scalar products of separate states in the quantum separation of variables (SoV) framework. In this article we perform a similar study in a more complicated case: the (...)

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