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  • [hal-01592583] Note on residual finiteness of Artin groups

    25 septembre, par Luis Paris, Ruben Blasco-Garcia, Arye Juhasz
    Let A be an Artin group. A partition P of the set of standard generators of A is called admissible if, for all X, Y ∈ P , X = Y , there is at most one pair (s, t) ∈ X × Y which has a relation. An admissible partition P determines a quotient Coxeter graph Γ/P. We prove that, if Γ/P is either a (...)
  • [hal-01591187] Predictive control based on nonlinear observer for muscular force and fatigue model

    21 septembre, par Toufik Bakir, B Bonnard, S Othman
    The Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is used in the case of neurological disorders (paralyzed muscles) or the muscle reinforcement (sportsmen). A recent model was proposed coupling a force model and a fatigue model. Based on the specific structure of the model, we present a predictive (...)
  • [hal-01583550] Ping-pong configurations and circular orders on free groups

    7 septembre, par Dominique Malicet, Kathryn Mann, Cristóbal Rivas, Michele Triestino
    We discuss actions of free groups on the circle with “ping-pong” dynamics, i.e. dynamics determined by a finite amount of combinatorial data. As a natural extension of the work started in (Mann, Rivas, 2016), we show that the free group $F_n$ admits an isolated circular order if and only if n is (...)
  • [hal-01578348] Algebraic models of the real affine plane

    29 août, par Adrien Dubouloz, Jérémy Blanc
    We introduce a new invariant, the real (logarithmic)-Kodaira dimension, that allows to distinguish smooth real algebraic surfaces up to birational diffeomorphism. As an application, we construct infinite families of smooth rational real algebraic surfaces with trivial homology groups, whose (...)
  • [hal-01573708] Morita equivalence of pointed fusion categories of small rank

    22 août, par Michaël Mignard, Peter Schauenburg
    We classify pointed fusion categories C(G, ω) up to Morita equivalence for 1 < |G| < 32. Among them, the cases |G| = 2 3 , 2 4 and 3 3 are emphasized. Although the equivalence classes of such categories are not distinguished by their Frobenius-Schur indicators, their categorical Morita (...)

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