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  • [hal-01945149] Extended $r$-spin theory in all genera and the discrete KdV hierarchy

    5 décembre, par (Alexandr Buryak), Alexandr Buryak
    In this paper we construct a family of cohomology classes on the moduli space of stable curves generalizing Witten's $r$-spin classes. They are parameterized by a phase space which has one extra dimension and in genus $0$ they correspond to the extended $r$-spin classes appearing in the (...)
  • [hal-01935258] Multidomain Spectral Method for the Gauss Hypergeometric Function

    26 novembre, par (Siegfried Crespo), Siegfried Crespo
    We present a multidomain spectral approach for Fuchsian ordinary differential equations in the particular case of the hypergeometric equation. Our hybrid approach uses Frobenius’ method and Moebius transformations in the vicinity of each of the singular points of the hypergeometric equation, (...)
  • [hal-01925373] Dynamics of fibered endomorphisms of $\mathbb P^k$

    16 novembre, par (Christophe Dupont), Christophe Dupont
    We study the structure and the Lyapunov exponents of the equilibrium measure of endomorphisms of $\mathbb P^k$ preserving a fibration. We extend the decomposition of the equilibrium measure obtained by Jonsson for polynomial skew products of $\mathbb C^2$. We also show that the sum of the (...)
  • [hal-01909130] Normal real affine varieties with circle actions

    30 octobre, par (Adrien Dubouloz), Adrien Dubouloz
    We provide a complete description of normal affine algebraic varieties over the real numbers endowed with an effective action of the real circle, that is, the real form of the complex multiplicative group whose real locus consists of the unitary circle in the real plane. Our approach builds on (...)
  • [hal-01902444] Homogeneous actions on the Random Graph

    23 octobre, par (Pierre Fima), Pierre Fima
    We show that any free product of two (non-trivial) countable groups, one of them being infinite, admits a faithful and homogeneous action on the Random Graph. We also show that a large class of HNN extensions or free products, amalgamated over a finite group, admit such an action and we extend (...)

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