Workshop Polynomial Automorphisms

Dijon, France

31 january - 2 february 2008


The theme of the this three days workshop was the theory of polynomial endomorphisms and automorphisms of algebraic affines spaces, in its algebraic and geometric aspects. In this subject, there have been important advances during the last decade in relation to commutative and noncommutative algebra and to other domains of algebraic geometry.

The workshop presented an overview of the subject, with its basic and advanced algebraic aspects and its recent geometric developments. The mornings were devoted to fundamental courses aimed at graduate students and young researchers; they presented the basic notions of the domain, and the main directions of research. The afternoons consisted of seminar talks given by the participants to present the latest developments.

Main topics covered

  • Arno van den ESSEN (Nijmegen) :

    Tameness and stable tameness of automorphisms of affine spaces.

  • Jacques ALEV (Reims) :

    Equivalence of Jacobian, Dixmier and Poisson conjectures ; Automorphisms of Weyl algebras.

  • Stéphane LAMY (Lyon I) :

    Geometric approach and new perspectives in the framework of logarithmic Mori Theory.

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