Conference BirPol 5

Algebraic Geometry in Dijon

17-20 September 2013

Université de Bourgogne ~ DIJON


The Conference will be centered around the following three mini-courses

  • Kähler geometry, harmonic maps and the Cremona group
    by Pierre PY IRMA Strasbourg, France
  • Planar cuspidal curves and the logarithmic Minimal Model Program
    by Karol PALKA IMPAN Warsaw, Poland
  • Automorphisms of T-varieties
    by Alvaro LIENDO University of Talca, Chile
and a series of research talks .... to be announced in a near future.


The conference will start on Tuesday September 17th at 13h00 and will end on Friday September 20st at noon.

The precise schedule will come soon ...

Practical Informations

Financial support and Deadlines

The (strict !) last limit deadline for registration is Monday September 2nd.

Some financial support is available to cover the local lodging expenses for up to 20 participants; priority will be given to student and young researchers.

Registration should be done by e-mail to Adrien DUBOULOZ according to one of the following options:

  • If you ask for financial support, please register before August 22nd, indicating clearly the number of nights you plan to spend in Dijon for the conference. A reservation will be made for you.
  • If you don't ask for financial support but want us to make a reservation for you, then please register before August 26th, again indicating clearly the number of nights you will need.
  • If you plan to make a reservation by yourself, then the deadline for registration is Monday September 2nd. Please indicate your expected dates of arrival/departure. A list of suggested hotels in Dijon can be found below.


The workshop will take place at the Mathematical Institute of Burgundy (IMB) in Dijon.
More information, including a map of the campus, on how to reach us can be found here .
You can also consult this detailed map to find your way to the Math. building form the bus stop Marechal.


Here is a selection of convenient hotels in Dijon:


For more information, please contact:

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